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By partnering with ORION, Azentio, you are positioned to the path of success having a clear cur edge in the competitive market.
You are equipped with

State-of-the art ERP
Industry knowledge
Marketing tools and aids
Partner Program & Certification

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Partner Categories

  • Value Added Reseller Partners offer sales and service capabilities and assume primary customer responsibility. You will be providing marketing, lead generation, sales, implementation, customization, support and training to customers. You are expected to be self-sufficient and at the same time can leverage the benefit of ORION11s channel sales team during the sales process.

  • Reseller Partners are authorized to sell ORION11s licenses to customers in specific opportunities as requested. You will be empowered to provide marketing, lead generation and end-to-end sales. Reseller Partners will not be authorized for implementation of ORION11s and supporting services.

  • Referral Partners are primarily a marketing-based relationship allowing partners to leverage ORION11s resellers or direct sales teams to pursue opportunities that they have identified. You will enjoy the benefits of being a registered member of ORION11s ecosystem and earn referral commission. Referral Partners are not authorized to sell, implement, train or support ORION11s.

  • As a Value Added Distributor Partner, you will serve as an intermediary between Azentio and Value Added Reseller, Channel or Referral Partners. You will be authorized to offer broad range of ORION11s products such as ORION11s Manufacturing and ORION11s Trading suite. You are expected to have a dedicated sales team with deep knowledge of ORION11s Suite, Implementation and Target Markets.

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