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ORIONTM Process Automation (OPA) is a state-of-the-art technology that caters to organizations seeking full-fledged digital transformation by implementing end-to-end business process automation with the help of digital workers which are nothing but software robots. Once an organization is OPA enabled, OPA allows various activities to be completely automated and accomplished with accuracy that of human. OPA can cater to tasks from all sort of applications and systems. The main objective of implementing OPA technology is to obtain a virtual workforce which can effectively replace human intervention in performing repetitive and boring clerical and other tasks of an organization.

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ORION Process Automation

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ORION Process Automation

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ORION Process Automation

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With OPA, all sort of tasks can be automated across various applications as well as systems with human like precision.

OPA provides a virtual workforce replacing repetitive and boring clerical jobs requiring excessive manual labour, thus spurring performance and productivity.

The average productivity of a human to that of a digital worker is found to be 60% and 100% respectively. Furthermore, a human makes few errors while a digital worker produces results with no errors at all.

Workforce can be engaged more meaningfully and purposefully to drive business growth.

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ORION Process Automation

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Fleet Management

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