ORION Business Intelligence Stack (OBIS)

An all-in one, agile business intelligence solution that can adapt to dynamic enterprise objectives and scale up as the organization grows. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface simplifies data crunching and answers complex questions with up-to-date, accurate and relevant information across the organization.

Key Business Challenges

Understanding Customer Behavior

In the contemporary digital landscape, understanding customer behavior across a complex marketing mix demands powerful business intelligence that crunches data into valuable insights.

Large volume of valuable yet unused data

In the absence of a business intelligence tool, a gold mine of data lies unutilized within an organization and fails to contribute to its growth.

Multiple Interpretations of Reality

Reconciling inter-departmental data leads to unnecessary waste of time and efforts which can be easily avoided with a BI tool that integrates and automates data mining.

Dearth of accurate, timely & relevant information

Management decision making bears the brunt of inaccurate and irrelevant data distorting future growth of an organization.

On-the-go analysis

Breaking down complex data into accessible insights is the need of the hour as stifled work schedules push managers into decision making on the move.

Business Intelligence

BI lends a powerful force multiplier effect to ERP solutions and takes organizational excellence to higher levels. As an evolved technology, BI is key to the success of ERP in the digital ecosystem. BI helps ERP systems make sense of the data that keeps growing at an explosive pace in businesses. A report reveals that 90% of the data in the world has been generated in the last two years. This can be mind numbing and technology defeating at the same time. This is precisely why companies are increasingly relying on BI enabled ERP over non BI enabled ERP. Almost half the companies that are in the process of implementing ERP solutions have decided to do so, mainly to replace outmoded and outdated ERP solutions.

What’s in it for you?

OBIS Standard: Standard Dashboard Analytics on Purchase, Sales, Inventory & Finance.

OBIS Custom: Custom Built Dashboard Analytics as per the requirement of Customers

OBIS Premium: Premium Dashboard Analytics pertaining to Industry and Addons

OBIS collects and integrates data from multiple sources, is scalable, flexible, and offers a single source for improving operational excellence through insights and actionable information. The standard solution offers functionally strong analytics that covers shedding insightful information on sales, purchase, inventory and finance. The premium solution offers analytics on request that includes operational, service, time, task, asset, and quality analytics, while the custom analytics meet specific and unique requirements of businesses.


OBIS from azentio, 1200+ customers across the Globe and a revenue of $200 mn, offers powerful BI solutions that empower the management to take crisp decisions. Visualization on dashboards translates lengthy reports into crisp data points and comparative statistics. OBIS Connects many Databases(Oracle, My SQL, SAP, Hadoop,etc) and Flat files (Excel, CSV,etc), and provide a single actionable dashboard, to create greater value, bringing data into sharper focus, by analyzing it across various parameters. The challenges in an ERP system is often the manner in which the data is presented and not the data itself. A CXO has a different perspective, while a Sales Manager will have a different perspective for the same dataset.


  • Measuring Performance
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Boost Business Performance
  • Faster Deployment
  • Save Costs, Time and Resources
  • Less Investments

Global presence – 50+ countries, 10+ centres and 24×7 support capabilities

OBIS is deployable on premises and on the cloud, and support enterprise mobility permitting authorized employees to access reports through various devices (Mobile apps, tablets, Laptop and Desktops). Stakeholders and decision makers need only look at the crisp reports, rather than reading through the deluge of data to interpret and extract actionable information.

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