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ORION Administrative Services (OAS) offers a unique, yet cost-effective solution by becoming the IT- wing for the customers of ORION. This ensures that the Customer can focus on the other core areas of their business processes OAS helps the customers to manage their IT workload for ORION Application, and acts as an extended-IT arm for the Customers. The application support and maintenance of multiple customers managed by a common pool of highly experienced consultants brings in additional benefits for you on sharing of knowledge across industries, thus bringing forth the most optimum solution for your ORION ERP support needs.


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced control over business processes.
  • Lowered risk through timely mitigation.
  • Removal of customer’s workload and manpower for management and execution.
  • Enhanced profitability through lowered cost of operations.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Dedicated ORION support.
  • Providing guidance on process improvements for ERP.
  • Explicit support during Customer’s business hours.
  1. Support for Simple Listing Report Development.
  2. Perform Setup / Configuration related activities as defined by the Business Process requested by Client.
  3. Provides training to new ORION end-users. Knowledge sharing on new trends in industry. Refresher Training on Business processes.
  4. Dedicated Point of Contact High accountability
  5. Support explicitly with Customer’s business hours.
ORION Administrative Services


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